Rankin Twins Cuffs


Image of Rankin Twins Cuffs

Spoon Cuff leather bracelets with "Fall In Love As The Music Plays", "Love Yer Guts", "Rankin Twins" and "Gypsy Girl" stamped on by YJ Designs. All bracelets are hand made and custom made and may take up to 2 weeks until shipping.


  • Turquoise "Rankin Twins"
  • Camel "Rankin Twins"
  • Black "Rankin Twins"
  • Turquoise "Love Yer Guts"
  • Camel "Love Yer Guts"
  • Black "Love Yer Guts"
  • Turquoise "Gypsy Girl"
  • Brown "Gypsy Girl"
  • Black "Gypsy Girl"
  • Turquoise "Jezebel"
  • Camel "Jezebel"
  • Black "Jezebel"
  • Red "Jezebel"
  • Gold "Jezebel"
  • Turquoise "Red Dirt Darling"
  • Camel "Red Dirt Darling"
  • Black "Red Dirt Darling"
  • Black "As the Music Plays"
  • Hot Pink "As the music plays"
  • Silver "As the Music plays"
  • Gold "As the Music Plays"
  • Camel "As the Music plays"
  • Red "As the Music Plays"
  • Turquoise "As the music Plays"
  • Black- "GOOD VIBES"
  • Silver- "Good Vibes"
  • Hot Pink- "Good Vibes"
  • Gold- "Good Vibes"
  • Custom saying and color
  • Custom saying and color


by The Rankin Twins
Image of Rankin Twins Cuffs Image of Rankin Twins Cuffs